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About Bao Minh

Nearly 30 years of building and developing the brand, Bao Minh Confectionery Joint Stock Company was officially established on May 23, 2006. With the strength of a leading manufacturer ...

Traditional confectionary products and specialties of Ha Thanh land such as Cakes, Moon cake, Tet jam, Mai apricot and Lac kinds, sesame candy ... Bao Minh always affirms its prestige and quality with customer.
Starting from the small business in Hanoi with the tradition of traditional heirloom, all members of Bao Minh's family have developed their talents, intellect and enthusiasm to contribute to building a Bao Minh. Grow stronger.
With the aim of always orienting traditional products to modernity in order to bring into full play the values ​​of culinary culture.Arrange has attached much importance to the application of technology and machinery into production. Up to now, Bao Minh has invested a modern factory with production lines to ensure food safety and hygiene in Nam Thang Long Industrial Zone, Hanoi, with an area of ​​6,000 m2 with an investment of over 30 Billion. Confectionary products of Bao Minh have reached out to all regions of the country, with suitable taste tastes of Vietnamese people, so every product is welcome to the market.
"Traditional Flavor - Promoting Food Flavor" has raised the value of Bao Minh brand.
Apart from Bao Minh production, there are also full package services and other services for weddings, conferences and events. This is also the strength to enhance the position and prestige of Bao Minh. Minh.

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